TenciaBI utilises Microsoft PowerBI, a cloud based business analytics service that provides tools to analyse and share insights via pre-configured custom reports and dashboards. TenciaBI enables users to interact with agile, self-service intuitive tools to analyse data more quickly. TenciaBI collects, organises, mines and visualises crucial KPI’s. It eliminates waste and guess work, promotes efficient inventory management and improves financial and sales intelligence. Making quick decisions is part of the value of TenciaBI, but knowing these decisions are relevant based soundly in data-driven insights offers another level of security and confidence.

TenciaBI gets your data moving by allowing consumption outside of Tencia, mobilised data is easily pushed out to laptops, tables and mobile phones. This powerful combination of TenciaBI features and benefits, offers businesses a competitive edge that can make all the difference today. TenciaBI features over 40 pages and 250 visuals of pre-configured content, contained within the following pre-configured BI reports Sales Analysis, General Ledger Financial Analysis, Account Payable and Receivable and Stock Management.

PaperTenciaBI General Features

  • Tencia pre-package content assistance pages – The assistance page toggles between report content and explanations ehind each visual.
  • Drill down and up – If the visualisation is built with hierarchy, the visualisation can be drilled down to.
  • Drill-Through Pages – This functionality allows for another page of content to be developed that is specific to ne single entity.
  • Analyse data – On any data point in a bar or line visualisation there is the ability to analyse the data which ill explain an increase in the selected data point, providing fast, automated and insightful analysis of data.
  • Ask a Question – The Q&A question box is located at the top of the dashboard this functionality explores the data sing intuitive, natural language capabilities and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.
  • See Records – The focus is on the individual data element and dedicates the canvas area to displaying the data or that element.
  • See Data – The focus is on the visual and data selected and dedicates the canvas space to displaying the visual nd the textual representation of the data.
  • PowerBI Custom Development Features – Change management, new database queries, phone layout design, create dashboards, create apps, create application workspacesgroups