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Tencia SMS services provides outgoing notifications and messaging from Tencia modules to complement existing processes, SMS messages can be composed via a Quicklinks Toolbar.

Tencia SMS features include Overdue Invoice Reminders, Direct Marketing, Employee Notifications and Direct Messaging. SMS messaging has a high open rate, making it more effective than using email. Contacting clients by phone can be difficult, awkward, costly and time-consuming, while communication via email is mostly either ignored, deleted or swallowed by SPAM filters. SMS (text messages) are far more personal and far less invasive than phone calls, with 75% of people preferring to text rather than talk. They also have a much higher delivery and response than email, 99% of SMS are actually delivered and 98% of those are read within 90 seconds of delivery. Common benefits that organisations can achieve by automating SMS communication include Improved timing, relevance, personalisation and performance of SMS text. Eradication of costly and time-consuming employee administration, reduced operational costs, improved company performance and increased customer satisfaction.