ID PaperTencia Document Management

Document management in an ERP solution such as Tencia, refers to the electronic storage, retrieval, and management of various types of documents, digital assets, and files within an integrated system, providing a centralised repository, allowing users to access and share information easily, ensuring that employees are working with the same set of information. An ERP document management strategy, improves access to information, reduces operating costs, diminishes litigation risk, is eco-friendly due to digitisation of documentation and protects critical information.

Tencia Document Management provides functionality that saves files/documents into a managed folder structure linked specifically to Tencia master records and transactions. Tencia programs and lookups provide access to documents stored against the selected record, where files/documents can be added, removed, or viewed. These files or documents can be hosted under one of three different storage sources, Network Storage, Google Drive or Drop Box.

Some examples of document digitisation within Tencia Document Management include:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employee Tax File Number Declaration
  • Employee Superannuation standard choice
  • Stock product data sheets including, assembly instruction, ingredient lists, hazardous chemicals fact sheets.
  • Supplier buying contracts and Heads of Agreement
  • Customer credit term agreements
  • Customer buying contracts.
  • Customer Direct Debit authority