The creditors feature allows you to keep track of and reconcile your creditor accounts. Tencia’s easy to use interface allows for rapid data entry of supplier invoices. Giving you the insight you need to monitor the age of your suppliers debt, more effectively.

CalendarCreditor features:

  • Includes a facility for setting up creditors as either balance forward of open item accounts
  • Creditor information can be accessed by selecting creditor codes or alpha codes.
  • Analysis of creditor status by supplier type or expense code.
  • Exception reporting for management reports.
  • Set up and schedule automatic payments for invoices paid on a regular basis.
  • Perform automatic, manual and electronic payments
  • Automatic cheque printing facility.
  • Perform comprehensive inquiries on Creditor accounts and filter information by creditor codes, dates, or values.
  • View Current, Old, Future or All transactions and sort or filter them by type i.e. invoices, credits, payments or cheques.
  • Process future invoices and payments.
  • Customisable trading terms that are defined by the user.
  • Place invoices on partial or full holds.
  • Print historical remittance information.
  • Keep details of all fully paid transactions and print them when required.
  • Analysis of creditors using creditor and supplier codes to differentiate who your suppliers are.
  • Multiple dissections using purchase code and supplier types.
  • Up to 10 user defined fields on the Creditors master file.

Creditor reports include:

  • Aged trial balances
  • Creditors Ledger
  • Pay As You Go payment summaries
  • Transaction/Tax listing.
  • Analysis of purchases by Creditor/supplier type or expense code.
  • Exception reporting for management reports.
  • Prescribed payments deductions listing.
  • Creditors Labels.
  • Payment by due date report.
  • Forward payments list.