The Contact Management module was developed to streamline and facilitate transparency of interactions with both customers and suppliers. The Tencia contact management module also offers centralised administration of contact details; the ability to record and track contact interaction and activity on an adhoc or recurring basis. Contact Management also assists in the managing of interactions via task lists and reminders.


CalculatorContact Management features include:

  • Include additional details to be stored for contacts including: LinkedIn Profile URL; Twitter Handle URL; Facebook Profile URL; an additional email address
  • Provides the ability to store the details of an infinite number of contacts to be aligned to debtors and creditors
  • Extends the personal information collected for contacts related to debtors and creditors
  • Provides ten user defined fields to be added for contacts
  • Records the details of any interactions with any contact
  • Includes the ability to monitor to do task lists for each Tencia user
  • Integrates with all transactions across Tencia providing a mechanism for transaction follow up
  • Provides a mechanism to notify and link other Tencia users to transactions for further follow up or authorisation.
  • Can generate a large number of contact activities based on a regular schedule