Looking for an easy way to track expenses and revenue accounts by analysis groups without the need to create excessive general ledger accounts?

Analytical Accounting is primarily used to trace expense and revenue accounts by analysis groups (dimension codes) in order to derive profit and loss by dimension codes. Dimension codes can be attached to transactions entered within Tencia at the time of transaction entry or pre-populated within the transaction based on dimension defaults. Offering an efficient method of generating profit and loss reports outside the boundaries of the general ledger account structure.

So if you’re looking for an efficient no-fuss way to produce reports by project, employees, region, patients or line of business, etc. Tencia with Analytical Accounting implemented could suit your requirements.

accountingAnalytical Accounting features include:

  • Dimension code which captures values at the time of data entry.
  • Analytical groups which collate the dimensions for easy reporting.
  • Ability to specify dimension code defaults, which automatically populate the dimension code value.
  • Analytical accounting can be tracked within, Cash Book, Stock, Income/Expense Code, Assets, Payroll and General Ledger transactions.
  • An inquiry program to easily view analytical accounting transaction data by dimension code.