Are you looking to develop an application that integrates with, or compliments Arrow software? We are always looking for opportunities to partner with like-minded IT specialists to increase the breadth of our solutions. Often niche vertical applications that integrate seamlessly to Arrow software are an ideal way to provide end to end solutions to our clients.

technology partners

To promote this partnership Arrow Research Corporation has compiled an extensive library of file formats that are available, to enable the automatic upload and download of transactions from and to other applications.

Many third-party developers have been able to assist their clients by utilising our library and technical expertise. Arrow’s flagship product Tencia’s provides even more opportunities for vertical integration, built on a Microsoft .NET platform it offers boundless business opportunities for exchanging information between applications seamlessly. The Tencia Connect Enterprise feature has been specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of data between Tencia and other applications whilst ensuring Tencia’s database security and integrity is maintained at all times.

Third-Party developers that wish to partner with Arrow must satisfy some on-going accreditation requirements, to ensure the highest level of customer service and support to their clients.

Explore the benefits:

  • Education and training on Arrow solutions (technical and feature, function benefit)
  • Partnering opportunities with Arrow Business Partners to cross-sell your services
  • Consulting services to you on how our solution best fits your clients’ objectives

As Arrow Technology Partner you become part of:

  • A proven software product range with comprehensive features and robust technology platforms (working with Microsoft .NET and SQL server).
  • Work with an organization with over 20 years of software development expertise.
  • An enthusiastic, supportive, and loyal customer base.
  • An organisation with a solid commitment to putting the customer first.
  • An opportunity for accredited technology partners to advertise their products and services via our e-newsletters annually.

Register your interest

If you are interested in becoming a development partner, please submit your expression of interest here and an Arrow Consultant will contact you shortly.