Wiri Auto Electrical is an Auckland based automotive repair business operating for over of 30 years. Wiri Auto Electrical specialises in auto electrical work on trucks, commercial, RV’s, cars and marine and has clients throughout New Zealand.
Wiri Auto Electrical is an Auckland based automotive repair business operating for over of 30 years. Wiri Auto Electrical specialises in auto electrical work on trucks, commercial, RV’s, cars and marine and has clients throughout New Zealand, including large commercial businesses such as; Auckland Truck Services, William Gill Ltd, CTF Haulage and various other large commercial operations as well as offering services to the general public.

Lesley, Director of Wiri Auto Electrical, was eager to increase the operational efficiency of the business and to gain greater visibility and control over the administrative costs and chargeable hours of the business. Wiri Auto Electrical’s existing accounting system challenged the ability of both Lesley and the company to meet these requirements.

Catalyst for change

Lesley and her team realised that in order to continue to meet customer demands and to gain greater visibility across the business, it was time to upgrade their Accounting system. They needed a system that provided greater flexibility, real time data, and more features to meet the demands of business today.

“Our previous system didn’t allow us to email invoices and statements and this was becoming very limiting and costly, but now with Tencia our invoicing is so much simpler. I am saving over $4,000 per annum in postage alone, and it used to take us up to 3 days to complete our invoicing which has been reduced to around 3 hours, so our productivity improvements have been incredible,” says Lesley, Director at Wiri Auto Electrical.

Ron Kerkof of Primacc Systems explained, “Lesley had been looking to upgrade her accounting package for about a year, so we worked with her to show her several different accounting solutions but they were either too large and complicated or too simplistic for a business like hers. Her automotive business needed to be able to enter new customer and stock codes quickly and Tencia was the ideal fit. We were really pleased with how easy Tencia was for us to implement and our client just loved the look and feel of the software.”

Clarity and a stronger ability to meet customer demands

Wiri Auto Electrical needed a system wherein they could create a quote or invoice ‘on demand’ from customers either in person, via phone or email, to suit, as potential customers’ need to know how much a job will cost prior to completion. The auto electricians at Wiri Auto Electrical were able to enter invoices and quotes with under a day of training, and they advised Lesley they were comfortable using the system, and found it easy to navigate the interface.
As Tencia processes live to general ledger, Lesley knew immediately every day exactly what her company was charging and to whom, with clear precise figures.

The fact that Tencia is easy for staff to use is a bonus to any business owner.

Choosing Tencia

It didn’t take Lesley long to realise that Tenica had the functionality she needed for her business. “In the short time that it took Primacc to give us a demonstration of the system we were convinced that it was the right choice for us,” stated Lesley. She had looked at 7-8 similar products but Tencia was her first choice because in it was so easy to follow and it looked like the best fit for a business of their size.

Feeling supported

Lesley and the team at Wiri Auto Electrical have worked with her Arrow Business Partner for more than 15 years and she was happy to report that the implementation process was trouble free. “I can’t speak highly enough about my Arrow Business Partner, they have really gone above and beyond for me and my business. They genuinely care about their clients and I feel we have a very strong partnership. For me and my team, their support has been exceptional.”

Tasks that often took days now only take an hour

Introducing Tencia into the business meant that it was much easier to manage the cash sales part of the business. Automating this function has meant that the record keeping and reporting side of the business is much less error prone. “Now searching for invoices using a car registration number or customer order number in Tencia means that we save hours of time and we are no longer hunting through loads of paperwork. According to Lesley, bank reconciliations are so much simpler now. “In our previous system it would take me 2 to 3 days to do bank reconciliations and now with Tencia I’m done within an hour or so, what used to take me a day is now complete in 30 seconds!” adds Lesley.

Helicopter view of the business

Now with Tencia Wiri Auto Electrical can track back to the original works order for the repair job. “We can easily look up dates so that we can see when a job was completed and whether the work that was undertaken is still under warranty. I can also see which auto electrician performed the work and how long it took to complete. This information is invaluable to me as it allows me to monitor productivity more closely. I’m delighted with the results of our new system and we haven’t looked back.” She explains.