Tencia Connect, Enabling Smarter Online Business

A world leading supplier of computer and AV equipement known as LINDY Australia recently upgraded their online webstore using Tencia Connect. The outcome was better integration of data, more accurate orders and more unified financial information.
Tony Jamieson
Director LINDY Australia

Unified information leads to better customer service with Tencia Connect

Better integration of data, more accurate orders, and happier customers are only some of the benefits that Tencia Connect has delivered for LINDYAustralia.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of computer and AV connection technologies LINDYAustralia recently embarked on a major upgrade of their web store, which has become the sale channel through which the majority of their business is now serviced.

In order to further enhance the customer online experience, a need to significantly re-engineer the existing website and shopping cart facility was identified.

As an existing Arrow software user, LINDY decided to upgrade to Tencia to take advantage of the release of Tencia Connect. Aside from providing state of the art warehouse and financial management systems, Tencia has facilitated the creation of cost effective interfaces to exchange information with LINDY’s customised web-based applications.

Once an order has been placed on the website, a sales order is created automatically by Tencia Connect. Authorized credit card receipts are also uploaded and allocated against the relevant order, prior to the picking and shipment of that order from within Tencia.

Current stock information, including on-hand quantities and order status, is immediately returned to the web store to ensure that all information presented is complete and accurate, resulting in a seamless order processing system via a web-based self service channel.

“By taking advantage of the upgrade of our existing Arrow software to the .NET Tencia business system, we have been able to dramatically reduce the cost of keeping pace with technology and doing business through the Internet. This has all been achieved in- house with the assistance of our local Tencia Business Partner” said Tony Jamieson, a director of LINDYAustralia.