Tencia New Version Release

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Tencia New Version Release


Arrow Research Corporation is pleased to announce the general market availability of our latest Tencia release v2019.2.0.0, during the past 12 months there have been over 150 Tencia enhancements issued, including Single Touch Payroll compliance and the release of TenciaBI core content.

Featured Enhancements Tencia v2019.2.0.0

  • A new Add to Favourites pop-up is included to manage the new functionality for Tencia menu items added to the Favourites list.
  • The number of Tencia Favourites has been extended to an unlimited number via the addition of a scroll bar.
  • The sequence of the Favourite menu items can be re-ordered.
  • A Favourite menu item can be included or excluded when the Tencia Options Load Favourites on Login is set to Yes.
  • A new parameter for Read Only Field Font Colour will allow the default windows operating system font colour to be overridden with a colour of choice.
  • The colour selector used in Tencia inquiry grids has been extended to allow the customisation of the default Highlight Row colour.
  • The inclusion of Purchase Order minimum authorisation values by Tencia user.

Please contact your Arrow Business Partner for more details and to confirm your eligibility to receive this latest Tencia release.

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