Single Touch Payroll ATO Certification

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Single Touch Payroll ATO Certification

Single Touch Payroll ATO Certification


Arrow Research Corporation (ARC) is pleased to announce that Tencia and Arrow Financials have been certified through the ATO Operational Framework process.

The ATO Operational Framework requirements were only recently finalised and communicated to digital service providers by the ATO in late February 2018. After taking time to understand these requirements and engage relevant parties to assist, ARC began working through the steps in the operational framework in early March 2018.

Considering the very short lead times involved and the market trend of deferring implementation to a later date, it is a testament to all stakeholders who worked tirelessly throughout each step in the process to be an early on boarder and deliver Single Touch Payroll (STP) to clients for the introduction of that legislation as at July 1st 2018.

This certification signifies that ARC products, Tencia and Arrow Financials, are able to submit Single Touch Payroll data to the ATO and our business partner community can commence the upgrading of clients to the relevant supported versions of both products.

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