6 Ways to Support Small Businesses During Slow Trade

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6 Ways to Support Small Businesses During Slow Trade

Unfortunately, small businesses endure the worst of economic downturns. While larger businesses have the luxury of more outlets, more capital, and bigger marketing budgets, smaller businesses typically rely on different business practices to keep their doors open.

Smaller businesses offer a more personal approach. We support small businesses because they put customer experience first and offer sustainable shopping alternatives. Most importantly, small businesses positively impact the local community by encouraging entrepreneurship and independence. Considering their positive impact, here are six ways to support small businesses during slow trade.

1. Write Positive Reviews

Small businesses thrive on positive reviews and through word of mouth. One of the best things you can do for your favourite small businesses is to share your experience with others. You can give a small business five stars through Google, social media, and other platforms. If you haven’t had such a positive experience, speak to the business owner to find a solution before you complain on a public platform.

2. Shop Local

When people are out of town or on holiday, they are drawn to smaller shops with unique products, but they often forget to support their local shops and restaurants when at home. The corner shop, the family-owned restaurant, and the small boutique in your own town is just as important. When you shop and dine there, you keep them open, and your local community can support their families.

3. Engage With Small Businesses on Social Media

Small businesses rely on good reviews, but they also get noticed on social media when you interact with them. Your likes, comments, and shares give small businesses the traction they need to get noticed by your extended network and your local community. So don’t forget to like, share, and follow!

4. Don’t Be an ‘Influencer’

Social media is a wonderful tool, but don’t take it as an opportunity to score freebies. Many small businesses have stories of people claiming to be prolific social media influencers trying to score free products and meals in exchange for publicity. Few influencers actually have enough followers to warrant such an exchange, and many small business owners cannot give away their products during periods of slow trade, so think twice before you ask.

5. Be Kind and Polite

Employees and small business owners tend to be soft targets for customers who are in a bad mood. Before you walk through the door, make sure you keep your frustrations to yourself and treat the employees with the same respect you expect from your clients and co-workers. This way, businesses are more likely to hang on to their loyal staff and maintain a high level of service.

6. Look for the Product, Not the Seller

Many small businesses rely on more prominent outlets to sell their products and get them noticed. When you go directly to the small businesses who make the product or provide the service, you put more money in their pockets and help sustain their businesses.

Small businesses are often overlooked in favour of larger chains, but these businesses are the backbone of our communities. Whether trade is slow or not, it’s worth supporting small businesses as much as you can because they positively impact your community. Consider investing in comprehensive business software such as Tencia by Arrow if you own or run a business. Good software will keep your business running smoothly.

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