6 Benefits of Selling Online

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6 Benefits of Selling Online

Times are changing, and shops are too. Brick and mortar is not quite a thing of the past, but eCommerce is growing, and it’s here to stay. By the mid-90s, Australians were logging on to chat rooms and sending chain emails, but that was only the start. Nowadays, everything is permanently connected, and eCommerce has taken advantage of it. There are more than 6 benefits of selling online, but here are our favourite ones.

Low Set-Up and Operation Costs

Unlike the high street stores, you can set up an online shop and sell products from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. At least in the early days, you can get away with not renting office space, fitting a shop, and hiring staff. You can reinvest your profits into your business and grow your business more quickly.

Choose Your Hours

Setting up a business is a full-time job, but without much start-up capital, you may have to keep your other job until your income is stable enough to go it alone. You can work after hours and on weekends to keep your business running. Once your online shop takes off, you can live your best life and work the hours that suit you.

Customer Insights

As the ball gets rolling, you will be able to track your customers throughout their journey. Through tracking, you can see where your customers come from, how often they visit your online shop, how long they stay, how often they shop, and more. This strategy will inform an iterative approach through which you can finetune your sales funnel, ensuring you are better able to keep people on your website and ensure that you have stock of the items they are looking for.

Detailed Product Listing

In offline stores, customers may struggle to find the product they need without the help of a sales assistant. Online stores, however, make it easy to search for brands and products, and once customers have found what they are looking for, they can view pictures of the product and comprehensive product details too. Along with the specifications of products, you can offer customer reviews and other products the customer may be interested in – potentially selling more items in the process.

Customer Convenience

Most people keep ‘normal’ work hours. Online shops, however, are open 24/7, and people can shop from anywhere. Many people will shop during their lunch hour, after dinner or in the early hours when they can’t sleep. Customers will also be able to pay in the manner which best suits them. Online shops typically offer a variety of payment methods to better accommodate customers.

Leverage eCommerce Software

Another convenient aspect of selling products online is your ability to choose the right eCommerce platform to suit your needs. The right platform is scalable, offers customer insights and a variety of payment solutions. Tencia is a comprehensive business software solution; its eCommerce add-on allows you to add your unique brand identity and choose your preferred payment gateway. You don’t need to re-enter customer orders, and your current stock information is always on hand. With a seamless order processing system, the web store does everything for you.

Finding the right business software is essential if you plan on running a successful business, no matter what your business is. To further assist the day to day needs of your business, take a look at what Tencia business software has to offer your online company.

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