5 Benefits of ERP Software

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5 Benefits of ERP Software

ERP, or enterprise resource planning software, enables businesses to run routine tasks and streamline their workflow. While there are a wide range of ERP software packages on the market, the premise is the same. ERP centralises the information gathered from each department to ensure the data is readily available, all in one place. As a business grows, so does the need for such software. This is because organisational operations become more complex, legacy systems become outdated, and strategies need to be refined. There are numerous reasons to consider investing in new business software; here are five benefits of ERP software.

ERP Software Will Improve Your Customer Service

As a business, without a customer base you have no income, so keeping your clients happy should be a priority – at the very least. With enterprise resource planning software, you can optimise customer relationship management through better access to customer information, enabling you to respond to queries faster, deliver on time, and improve the accuracy of your product orders or service delivery.

ERP Software Offers Improved Data Security

Having all your data in one place, rather than in a myriad of locations with varying levels of security, is safer. Without ERP software, spreadsheets and other documents are shared through email and are easily accessible by simply accessing someone’s computer. ERP offers increased security by housing information on a cloud or an on-premises system. The system also limits who has permission to access and edit which data.

ERP Software Gives Businesses the Competitive Advantage

While other businesses focus on their day-to-day tasks, ERP frees up valuable time for employees to perform higher functions. Product development, business strategy, and creative problem solving are top of mind rather than the repetitive tasks otherwise performed by staff. As a result, businesses become more competitive and are better equipped to respond to industry changes at short notice.

ERP Software Improves Reporting

When businesses invest in ERP and implement it throughout their business, the data is organised in such a way that reporting is faster and simpler. ERP enables business leaders to communicate between departments to pull a multitude of real-time information to create financial, customer behaviour, inventory, and various other reports. These reports are customisable, and as a result, businesses are able to analyse the data and implement systems to improve the business based on the data retrieved.

ERP Software Reduces Costs

Typically, people see the cost of ERP software as a disadvantage, but by aligning a business with the right ERP software, businesses can save money. Because ERP allows employees to streamline tasks such as report drafting, employee payroll, invoice allocation and more, employees save time, thus freeing them up to perform other tasks. Because these tasks are automated, the likelihood of mistakes is reduced. Furthermore, the data security offered by ERP minimises risk and reduces the amount of money otherwise spent on data breaches. All these factors play a role in saving companies money.

Regardless of your current business goals, the benefits of ERP, or enterprise resource planning software, are plentiful. Your business stands only to prosper from ERP, so why not upgrade your current business software today?

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