As Payroll Manager, you deal with employee personal details, including salaries, bonuses, deductions, allowances and benefits on a daily basis. This makes it vital to have an accounting system that keeps sensitive information secure and is designed to make processing payroll as quick and easy as possible.

How can Tencia help?

  • Strong security features that can be applied at the Job role level so that access to sensitive data is restricted.
  • Tencia has unlimited employee entitlement codes.
  • Easily allocate and track payroll-related taxes and manage superannuation payments.
  • Accrue sick, annual leave, bonuses, and other entitlements.
  • Fully integrated to the General Ledger, making it easier to record entitlement accruals and adjustments.
  • Ability to set up parameter-driven calculations to process certain entitlements such as banked hours and time in lieu.
  • Comprehensive Pay advice reports that provide very detailed pay information for employees.
  • Tracks staff costs and trends by department, project or staff member.
  • Strong search features and easy to share reports.
  • Ability to manage and keep track of sub-contractors’ payments and generation of Payment Summaries.
  • Generation of PAYG Disk File.

*Note: Tencia Payroll is suitable for Australian customers only.

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