Working in the accounts area of a business requires excellent attention to detail and great organisational skills. Every organisation needs a financial record keeper who can accurately monitor, record and process payments and expenditures quickly and efficiently.

If managing debtors and/or creditors is an important part of your job, then understanding Tencia’s accounting features may help you to see how our software can minimise some of the bottlenecks you face day to day.

How can Tencia help?

  • Real time information about cash flow status so expenses are managed more effectively and payments are easier to reconcile using up to the minute real time information.
  • Can’t remember a supplier’s name? Don’t worry, with powerful search features Tencia allows you to search in a variety of ways including suburb, contact name or geographic region.
  • Create a suite of comprehensive reports that can be stored so that regularly used information is at your fingertips.
  • Highly customisable inquiry screens, filter and drill down into financial data quickly and easy using drag and drop features and a column chooser, select the ‘fields’ that you want to see on your inquiry screen, that are relevant to your search.
  • Filter information based on the criteria you select and save the criteria as a ‘filter’ use the filter over and over again at a later time.
  • Get easy access to account balances and information about suppliers and customers so you can answer inquiries faster
  • Select the fields you need for an aged debtors report, move fields around and create your inquiries to fit your needs quickly and easily.

Find out more about Tencia’s Debtors and Creditors features here