Does Tencia provide business accounting software, Australia and Internationally?

ARC provides accounting software s in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, including business management software, business financial management software, job costing software, business accounting packages and other Arrow accounting software, offering integration with business CRM software.

What industries is Tencia’s business accounting software designed for?

Tencia is a sophisticated business software solution. Tencia’s business accounting software is designed for small to medium size businesses, with approximately 5 or more employees, in various industries. Many clients approach ARC to update their financial system after outgrowing their existing system (such as MYOB), or because they are seeking improved performance, functionality or accessibility.

What do I do at the end of the financial year?

At the end of the financial year, all businesses are required to prepare financial information for the purpose of submitting taxation forms to the Australian Taxation Office. Below are some examples of the information required:

  • Cashbook/data file; provide a complete report of reconciled bank accounts.
  • Bank Statements; provide bank statements, cheque books and deposits reports during the taxable time period.
  • Debtor listing; provide a list of customers owing money at end of the tax period.
  • Stock listing; include products and their values, indicating the total value of the stock on hand.
  • Creditor listing; provide a list of all supplier owed money and how much is owed.
  • Loans; statements of all business loans.
  • Financial agreements; copies of finance agreements for purchasing plant, equipment or vehicles.
  • Other balances; any other deposits or liabilities.
  • Shares and investments; details of any investments and copies of dividend distributions, throughout the year.
  • Wages information; for employers, required to provide a summary of all PAYG summaries or group certificates.
  • Purchase/sale of plant; details of any new items of plant, including a copy of the invoice.
  • Purchase/ sale information; details of any purchase or sale of land, business or investments.

Tencia’s business financial management software, provides an easy and efficient way of collating information to create the reports required at the end of the financial year.

Is Tencia business accounting software able to generate reports?

Tencia’s report designer has the ability to develop flexible, customised reports based on business requirements. Flexible real-time reporting is utilised, ensuring all reports are generated as required, enabling timely business decisions.

Can I write my own reports and customise them to suit my requirements?

Yes, business reports can be customised to suit individual requirements. The Tencia report designer is included to assist users in customising their reports.

Can I consolidate my companies into the one General Ledger report?

Yes, Tencia software allows you to consolidate all companies into the one general ledger report for a simple and effective solution.

What is job costing?

In a job costing accounting system, costs are accumulated by job. For a typical job, direct material and direct labor are tracked at their actual values. These are recorded and tracked until the job is completed. Tencia provides a job costing solution, which is fully integrated. It integrates to Creditors, Stock, Debtors, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Payroll and General Ledger, so there is no double entry required. The job costing feature is flexible enough to allow users to perform job costing, time costing or both.

What modules are included in the Tencia accounting package?

Core System

  • Cash book
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • General Ledger
  • Foreign Currency
  • Stock
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Multi-stock location
  • Serial Batch Tracking
  • Security
  • Multi company
  • Advanced Sales Analysis
  • Tencia Report Designer

Specialist Modules

  • Job Costing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll
  • Tencia Connect Enterprise
What is CRM and how is it useful for my business?

Customer Relationship Management Software or CRM is utilised as a process of tracking and organising contacts or customers and prospective customers. Tencia accounting packages easily integrate with external Customer Relationship Management Software or Business CRM software, for compatible solution, in gathering, entering and storing information about customers.

Who do I contact with queries regarding Tencia software?

Tencia has a professional business partner network that sells and supports its product suite, ensuring qualified consultants are available to offer expert advice, installation and ongoing support services to businesses when they need it. All business partners are personally accredited by the Arrow Research Corporation, ensuring expert product knowledge and training. Customer enquiries can be directed to the particular progress partner, where the business accounting software solution or package was purchased. For your nearest distributor please call 1800 248 264.

What about BAS reporting?

The BAS Report or Business Activity Statement is a form which provides detailed financial information to be submitted to the Australian Taxation Office. BAS reporting involves submitting the BAS form during a specified time period as part of a taxation obligation for all businesses.

Does Tencia software comply with Australian standards of accounting?

Tencia business accounting software complies with many of the Australian standards of accounting, making it an effective and reliable accounting tool.

Can I change the software interface based on the employee accessing the information?

Yes, the interface of the business accounting software can be set up to allow specific privileges to different users.

Can I integrate with Microsoft Office software ?

Tencia is compatible with Microsoft Office software such as Word and Excel.

Can I do backdated accounting ?

Yes, backdated accounting is possible through General Ledger.