Tencia Connect Enterprise is Tencia’s systems integration module. It is an application gateway that facilitates the development of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow seamless integration with Tencia. This opens up a number of opportunities to further extend Tencia’s core product functionality through the creation of add-on solutions, with Tencia providing the platform upon which total end-to-end solutions are assembled. Tencia can also be tailored in this way to suit specific vertical markets.

Some of the add-on solutions which have been integrated with Tencia include:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting applications
  • Point of Sale software
  • Web store packages
  • As well as a range of vertical market applications such as equipment and car hire systems, group training software and a number of mobile-device based solutions.

Specific developments for various GS1 ordering systems to allow the automatic exchange of transactions between individual organisations have been implemented, along with integration to several web-based time and attendance systems to accurately collect and record staff time and associated costing.

Please contact Arrow Research Corporation or your nominated Business Partner for additional information on the above or any other of the dozens of integrated solutions currently available.