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Member Community News - Issue 5 November 2016

Tencia - Payroll Employees paid by Credit Card

As market forces continue to move towards a preference for card payment systems, the Tencia payroll module includes the ability to pay employees via credit card.

To streamline this payment method a new payroll system parameter has been included; credit card income/expense code, when this field has a value, Tencia will generate cash book payment transactions for any employees paid be credit card.

Tencia Tip - Document Attachments

The Tencia document attachment feature is a great way to automatically email attachments to suppliers, customers or internally within your business. Document attachments can optionally be emailed to a pre-defined group or to all debtors or creditors etc.

If a document attachment is configured with a document prefix, only master file records that have the entered document prefix will trigger the attachment to be emailed.

One practical example for document attachments, could be to inform customers of an end of season sale, in this instance a file would be prepared with all the relevant details of the upcoming sale items. This file would then be attached via the Tencia System>Maintain>Document Attachments menu option selecting to link the file attachment to the most relevant debtor document eg: invoice or statement.

Tencia - Stocktake Count Adjustments

To provide greater flexibility in posting stocktake adjustments to the general ledger, a recent enhancement to the enter stocktake counts line pop-up includes an Offset G/L Account field.

When an offset general ledger account is entered, it will be used in any stocktake adjustments generated from the stocktake count record.

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