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Member Community News - Issue 4 October 2016

Tencia Tip - Emailing Documents

When you email documents to customers or suppliers are you enhancing the experience by including subject line reference tags? If not perhaps it’s something to consider.

Tags can be added to the Subject Field in the Document email parameters that are replaced with transaction reference numbers in Tencia Document emails.

This is how it works, a {Reference} tag is replaced with the document type and reference number as it is displayed in the description field in the Tencia Report inbox i.e. a subject line of “Reference” for a debtor invoice document email would place "Debtor Invoice: 9999999" in the subject line.

Another tag titled {ReferenceNbr) is replaced with everything in the description that appears after the " : " character. For example, “Please find attached customer invoice {ReferenceNbr} for prompt payment” would place “Please find attached customer invoice 9999999 for prompt payment”

Tencia Debtors Stop Duplicate Invoice Numbers

To offer a greater level of security and control in relation to the entry of debtor's invoices or credit notes a new debtors system parameter has recently been included to prevent duplicate invoice and credit note numbers being entered.

Tencia Payroll Entitlement postings to General Ledger

To provide further flexibility when posting entitlements to the Tencia general ledger, a new flag was added to the Tencia payroll maintain entitlement types program. This parameter determines if transactions for the entitlement are to be updated to the general ledger, when the general ledger system parameter to post entitlement transactions is set to yes.

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