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Member Community News - Issue 2 August 2016

Tencia Order Cancellation Reason Code Tracking

A new feature introduced within Tencia recently allows better analysis and tracking of cancelled sales orders, purchase orders or production orders, via the ability to enter a cancellation reason code. The reason codes are maintained within the Tencia System Menu Maintain Cancellation Reason Codes menu option. Whether an entire order is to be cancelled or an individual order line is cancelled, Tencia can optionally be configured for a pop-up to automatically occur and the appropriate reason code selected.

A new module system parameter for Sales Orders, Purchase Order and Bill of Materials determines the activation of the reason code pop-up, the parameter is Number of Days to Retain Cancelled Orders. A zero value will indicate no tracking is required for cancelled orders.

Cancelled order lines will be recorded in the following situations:

A whole order is cancelled, every fully or partially unshipped order line will be recorded One or more selected unshipped order lines in an order which has been partially shipped are cancelled, each of the cancelled lines will be recorded One or more partially completed order lines are cancelled, the quantity and value cancelled would be recorded along with the quantity and value invoiced prior to cancellation.

To further extend this functionality a new stock inquiry has been provided which displays cancelled order lines. Variations of this stock inquiry are also available in Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Bill of Materials including the ability to hot print cancelled line reports.

Tencia Launch Favourites on Login

To provide the ability to further align and integrate the Tencia user experience within internal company systems, a further enhancement has been included to provide the ability to add the Internet Explorer window, to the list of Tencia favourites. This provides the ability to automatically load a company's internet page. To activate this feature the Tencia Option, Load Favourites on login is set to Yes.

Alternative Method for Accruing Banked Hours

To further streamline and offer greater flexibility when implementing Tencia payroll an alternative method for managing banked hours has recently been introduced.

This new method uses specifically flagged payment types to directly increase and decrease accrued banked hours.

Please refer to the resource library of the member centre for a detailed explanation on how best to implement this new method, to access link please click here.

Please contact your Arrow business partner for more information on how best to implement these new features.

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