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Arrow Connect - Issue 19 - March 2014

SuperStream - Superannuation reporting

As some of you may be aware legislation introducing new superannuation reporting requirements, termed SuperStream will become effective July 1st 2014.

Whilst the legislation becomes effective July 1st 2014, there is a 3 year transition period where existing electronic reporting solutions remain supported. The legislation in its first year only applies to businesses with 20+ employees.

Due to the ongoing changing landscape in the rollout of SuperStream, ARC along with the payroll software developer community await final confirmation from the ATO on exactly how the process is to be managed.

Whilst there is still a lot to be finalised by the ATO, there will be an induction process for payroll software developers to gain certification, this induction program will commence after July 1st 2014 and will run in two groups up until December 2014. We will keep both our business partners and our sites updated on progress made by the ATO on formalising these arrangements.

Arrow Member Centre update

Thank you to all of our ESP members who responded to our member centre survey back in February 2014. The aim of the survey was to determine whether an Arrow member resource centre would be a worthwhile resource.

The aim of the Arrow member centre is to create a forum for exchanging and communicating product information, knowledge and sharing resources about Arrow software for customers and business partners. The member centre would be a free resource for Arrow customers with a current Enhancement Software Policy.

The results of our survey indicated that the vast majority of respondents were interested in a member centre being made available to them and as result ARC has invested in proceeding with this project which is now in the 'build' phase.

Key findings from the survey showed that the top three items respondents wanted incorporated in the member centre were:

1. Easier access to user guides (88% of total respondents)
2. A document resource library (73% of total respondents)
3. Answers to frequently asked questions (88% of total respondents)

It was also identified that the member centre should include some general resources that would be beneficial to small and medium sized businesses, a video library, and a self service area for members.

Please note that the Arrow member centre will not be designed as a customer support centre, its primary objective is a general resource centre and it will be complimentary to existing services offered by Arrow Business Partners. Therefore any specific support queries would be referred directly back to Arrow Business Partners.

A mock up design of the main landing page has been included below to give you an idea of what the member centre will look like. We will keep you informed regarding the progress of this project and we look forward to it being launched in the coming months.

CeBIT Expo 2014

With over 450 exhibitors, from start ups to global organisations, CeBIT, is Australia’s number one Business to Business technology event providing IT and business professionals with the opportunity to meet with hundreds of leading experts in the software and technology field.

CeBIT is an opportunity to experience a showcase of innovations and technologies from Australia and around the world.The event plays host to over hundreds of seminars and forums over several stages throughout the venue. Come and listen to the latest news and information on game changing technologies, find out about emerging industry trends such as cloud computing, web and mobile applications and the latest development in ERP solutions. Arrow will be exhibiting at this event, come and say hello, you will find us in the Business Software and BPM area. This is Australia's largest IT technology event, don't miss out!

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