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Arrow Connect - ESP Member Newsletter - Issue 9

New Arrow website coming soon

Arrow is undergoing a redesign of their corporate website the site is currently in beta development and we anticipate that it will be launched in the coming months.

The aim of the new site is to create more engaging content and a more streamlines design. We will keep you informed about the redesign process and communicate the details of the launch date for the new site as it comes to hand.

New Member Centre

Arrow have currently undertaken a project todevelop an online member centre which will aim to provide more online resources to those who use Arrow's product suite. The centre will be a secure site that Arrow users will be able to access via a log in and password. It will be a hub that offers important product information, FAQ’s, news, videos and many other resources that we believe will be of benefit to you. We are currently in the scoping phase of this project and will keep you informed as various milestones are met.

Budget Rent a Car franchise overhauls business systems to boost performance

Payne Investments Pty Ltd a Budget Rent a Car franchise with several branches across Victoria and New South Wales and an Arrow client for well over a decade, recently decided to migrate to Tencia. With more than 80 staff, operating across two states it was essential for Payne to select an accounting solution that could handle the requirements of the car rental industry and the needs of their growing business. They were looking to invest in an ERP solution that would provide greater flexibility whilst supporting them to continue to provide great customer service.

Payne’s Administration Manager, Sue La Bozzetta and her team had a clear idea about what they were looking for. “We needed more flexibility in the new system, we wanted to be able to easily share data, email reports and alleviate some of the frustrations the Administration team faced when it came to searching for Rental Agreement information,” explained Sue.

Other factors that were equally important to Sue and her team included access to real time data available to expedite decision making and a solution that could easily integrate with existing systems.

A key requirement for the team was to find a solution that could easily handle data being uploaded from their global car rental, reservation and data processing system known as ‘Wizard’. They carefully assessed their options and decided to choose Tencia. “We were eager to resolve some of the issues we were having with the upload of our Rental Agreement (RA) numbers into our back end financial system. The RA numbers were being truncated the missing digits made it very difficult to search for information and create invoices so we really wanted our new system to be able to handle that better,” explained Sue.

Looking for a strategic partner

The team at Payne decided that Tencia was an affordable solution that could offer them just what they needed. Sue knew that finding the right ERP implementation partner was pivotal to the success of the project. “We wanted to work with an implementation partner who really understood our business and shared a similar work ethic to us, someone who could act as an extension of our team,” she said.

Their Arrow business partner had worked with other Budget franchises on similar projects and seemed like the obvious choice. “It was also important for us to know that our implementation partner had the right type of experience and really understood our industry. Our Arrow Business Partner, had managed a similar project for another Budget franchise so we knew we were in safe hands,” said Sue.

The implementation process was very smooth and there was very little down time for Payne Investments. “We were very happy with the service provided by our Arrow Business Partner, they have been fantastic and supported us very well throughout the entire process. They moved our system from ArrowSQL across to Tencia over a weekend and kept us informed throughout the process. I knew the status of the project the entire time. I even found an email from them the morning we went live which had been sent to me at 11pm the previous evening just to let me know how things were progressing, they’ve been great and very responsive to our needs,” said Sue.

Post implementation results

Once the system was up and running staff required minimal training before they were able to use it independently. “Our staff are very happy with the increased flexibility that Tencia has delivered. Tencia is so familiar and easy to use so staff were up and running on the system very quickly. We find it very user friendly and all the shortcut keys are similar to ArrowSQL which is great,” Sue explained.

According to Sue, transparency across the business was one of the most significant improvements that Tencia was able to deliver. “We have a much better view of our customers now, because we can quickly and easily search and find information. It is so much faster and this enables us to be more proactive and better informed when it comes to dealing with customer enquiries.

More visibility also allows us to keep our customers better informed. We’ve seen improved invoice cycle times with the implementation of Tencia and it’s made it easier for us to communicate with our customers now that we can easily email invoices or a remittance advice with the click of a button.”

“We understood that this IT implementation project was an opportunity for us to streamline some of our processes and that the new system would enable us to find opportunities to save time and reduce the need to re-key data. Tencia makes inquiring on aged Debtors so much easier now which has had a favourable impact on out Debtor cycles, we can quickly view aged debtors and turn these around.”

“Taking care of our customers and our employees is a number one priority for our business when you do that well the profits and positive outcomes will follow. With Tencia we are able to share financial data much more easily than we did in the past, data is live and can be shared with the click of a button. Our experience with Tencia and our Arrow Business Partner has been positive they really worked on providing us with very personalized service and a solution that meets our needs,” explained Sue.

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