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Arrow Connect - ESP Member News - Issue 8

Why are so many Arrow users switching to Tencia?

With over 1,000 users in the ANZ region and more and more Arrow businesses looking at migrating to Tencia each day, we thought it would be worth outlining some of the key features and benefits of the solution in a short video. You can watch it here.

You might like to find out what others have to say about their Tencia journey. Check out our success stories that are listed on our website.

We’ve received some great feedback, here are some of the things clients have had to say about Tencia:

  • It’s so easy to use.
  • We’ve got real time data, when we need it.
  • No more month end bottlenecks.
  • It integrates very easily with Excel.
  • We’ve saved hours of time.
  • It’s so much easier to search for information in Tencia.

Call your business partner today for a Tencia demonstration or call us on Free call 1800 248 264.

Business Intelligence insight with Qlikview

Qlikview is a Business Intelligence tool that enables organisations to summarize, present and interrogate data. This tool helps to uncover business trends and empowers businesess to better analyse sales and financial information in order to improve decision making and drive innovation.

Tencia integrates seamlessly to Qlikview. It provides an easy to use, self service business intelligence dashboard that enables you to consolidate multiple sources of information into one location. Qlikview easily dissects and examines financial information extracted from Tencia in a variety of ways and it looks like an extension of Tencia.

What would the dashboard look like? Here is a sample.

What are the key benefits of a Business Intelligence dashboard?

  • A better overall understanding of your business health.
  • Strong in depth sales analysis and sales forecasting.
  • Insight into how to improve cost efficiencies.
  • An ability to uncover hidden trends and perform risk assessments.
  • An ability to undertake 'what if' analysis which assist in forecasting.
  • More streamlined profit analysis.

Here is a sample demonstrating “What If” analysis

If you would like to find out more about Qlikview or wish to arrange for a demonstration please contact your Arrow Business Partner.

Tencia update and recent enhancements

Throughout the month of March, Tencia Job Costing will be in a controlled testing phase, it will then be released to Arrow Business Partners for further testing, followed by a rollout to several Tencia foundation sites. Following the successful roll out to foundation sites will be the commercial release of Job Costing to the market.

In addition to the development work that we have been undertaking, there have also been several enhancements made to Tencia over the past few months that are worth reviewing, key enhancements include:

New report options

A new report option called "Preview New" which will print the transactions without updating bank deposit flags. This will provide more flexibility in workflow and greater report printing options for Tencia users.

A new option added to the sales order system parameters, called "Invoice Date Source", which will be used when generating debtors invoices. This will help to streamline invoice generation as the delivery date information will now be included.

On hand check

A new system parameter called, “On Hand Lines Check”, has been added to the stock module to stop more stock than is available on hand from being transferred. This will enable users to keep more accurate stock balances by prompting them if they try to transfer more stock than what is available.

Average costs enhancement

A new option has been added to the stock module system parameter to deal with negative average costs. This option leaves the last average cost in place if the new average cost is negative. For instance, if you sell stock before it has actually been entered into Tencia, this can create a negative average cost which can cause issues down the track. In order to help avoid this, the system uses the last average cost rather than the negative cost. This enables the operator to continue to enter customer orders whilst sales reports still remain accurate.

Last year’s value and variances included in Sales by Debtor reports

A new “Sales by Debtor” report has been added to print sales values and variance based on last year to date sales values. This will help to provide more detailed reporting as it also includes last year's values and variances.

Last year’s values and variances included in Sales By Stock Item report.

A new “Sales by Stock Item” report has been added to print sales values and variances based on last year to date sales values. Again this will provide users with more details in their reports to enable them to compare data to last year’s values and variances.

If you would like to know more about these enhancements or would like to see a demonstration of how they operate within Tencia please feel free to contact your Arrow Business Partner.

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