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Member Community News - Issue 6 December 2016
17 May 2017

Tencia Tip - Report Templates
Have you considered implementing the Tencia report template feature to eliminate recurring printing tasks Not only will you save time but you could also reduce selection mistakes when generating documents\reports manually.

Consider creating a report template to automatically print unprinted…

Member Community News - Issue 5 November 2016
17 May 2017

Tencia - Payroll Employees paid by Credit Card
As market forces continue to move towards a preference for card payment systems, the Tencia payroll module includes the ability to pay employees via credit card.

To streamline this payment method a new payroll system parameter has…

Member Community News - Issue 4 October 2016
17 May 2017

Tencia Tip - Emailing Documents
When you email documents to customers or suppliers are you enhancing the experience by including subject line reference tags If not perhaps it’s something to consider.

Tags can be added to the Subject Field in the Document email parameters that…

Member Community News - Issue 3 September 2016
17 May 2017

Tencia Bill of Materials Production Order Reversal
The Tencia Bill of Materials has always provided a production reversal function where finished goods can be reversed, essentially disassembly a finished good stock item to return the components to stock. A reversal could record, damaged stock, unrequired stock or when…

Member Community News - Issue 2 August 2016
17 May 2017

Tencia Order Cancellation Reason Code Tracking
A new feature introduced within Tencia recently allows better analysis and tracking of cancelled sales orders, purchase orders or production orders, via the ability to enter a cancellation reason code. The reason codes are maintained within the Tencia System Menu Maintain Cancellation…

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